ArecaBay Force Field


ArecaBay Force Field enables IT and Application teams to rapidly provide secure services to business, operations and customers - all in a single, scalable solution.

ArecaBay Force Field continuously discover, monitor and secure APIs across services and clouds with zero-impact to applications. It goes beyond the gateway to provide a complete coverage of your Application environment ranging from legacy applications, 3rd party applications, virtualized, containerized, and server-less applications. ArecaBay Force Field goes above layer 7 & deep into the application payload, not just the API path or URL path but also the parameters and their object level data.


ArecaBay Force Field encompasses complete API transaction flows across every service segment. It continuously monitors enterprise risk associated with its Application APIs using Dynamic API Risk Trackers (DART) and API DLP. ArecaBay Force Field driven by DART and API DLP enable policy actions with surgical precision against highly targeted data fields and transactions. API Force Field secures using out-of-band actions, such as invalidating sessions, stepping-up authentication and custom API actions, using the Application APIs themselves. In addition, it also provides in-line actions to drop API calls, rate-limit APIs, and quarantine data using deeper intelligence and integration with existing proxies and gateways.


How it Works


ArecaBay Force Field is a zero-impact software-only product. It comprises of a collection of intelligent, light-weight, and easy to deploy MicroSensors that are sprinkled across your enterprise application stack. The MicroSensors in conjunction with a Local Intelligence Center called, LocalBay, will discover, monitor, and secure the enterprise application stack from advanced API payload threats even in a fast-paced CI/CD environment. ArecaBay Force Field supports multitude of application stacks running in private data centers, hybrid clouds, and public clouds including the serverless services.


Powerful Integrations

ArecaBay provides purpose-built MicroSensors for easy integration with a multitude of technologies.

This includes native and custom built software for Virtual and Docker container-based infrastructures, as well as deep-context extraction plugins for application load balancers, API gateways, and serverless solutions. These integrations are supported on VMWare, KVM, AWS, Azure, and GCP.




Zero Impact

Non-intrusive and light weight software components are purpose built to access real-time API data without any modifications to the application or a run time.



Any App, Any Cloud, Any Infra

Deployment models support a wide range of hybrid clouds approaches and infrastructures, including micro-services, virtual machines, serverless and more.



Adaptive Learning

A self-adaptive API learning based on patent-pending Multi-Stage Machine Learning to accurately identify the API constructs as well as model the user or service behavior around APIs and call flows over a multitude of enterprise applications leading to high fidelity detection of zero-day threats and anomalies.



Dynamic API Risk Trackers (DART) And API DLP

DART provides an API data security posture dashboard for DevSecOps and the CISO to continuously monitor enterprise apps across clouds with zero-impact to apps, especially in environments with frequent app updates in a CI/CD environment.

DART’s anomaly detection enables API DLP to take policy action against highly targeted data fields and transactions.



Active Prevention

Contextual and behavioral analysis enabled by deep understanding of API constructs allow for access control policy enforcement in real-time actively preventing API level threats.



Millions Of Sensors

Built to the modern world of distributed applications ArecaBay supports millions of sensors in a single deployment.



100% Software-Based

All solutions are 100% software-based, providing fast time to value and easy upgrades.


DART - Dynamic API Risk Trackers

DART is a set of API level trackers powered by a network of micro-sensors driven by API specifications. DART provides an API data security posture dashboard that enables IT to continuously monitor application traffic.

The DART anomaly detection module enables the API DLP (Data Loss Prevention) engine to take policy actions against targeted API data fields and transactions, and automatically discover and redact sensitive data everywhere.

API DLP helps you better understand and manage sensitive data and access. It provides fast, scalable classification and redaction for sensitive data elements. API DLP provides tools to classify, mask, tokenize, and transform sensitive elements in real-time to help you better manage the data that you collect, store, or use for business or analytics. 



What Differentiates ArecaBay Technology? 

Existing technologies are limited or fail to cover the complete API security thread spectrum. ArecaBay works with containers, cloud, legacy and the third-party applications, provides zero-impact to developers, work across encrypted traffic, correlate multi-point API transactions, and use A.I. for a self-adaptive learning and behavior analysis.


Download our security WhitePaper to learn about gaps in existing security solutions and how ArecaBay’s Self-Adaptive API Learning generates and automatically updates API specifications to ensure micro-sensors capture every relevant API object-level data continuously across application stacks.