ArecaBay Solutions

ArecaBay provides both API Observability and API Security solutions for the following platforms.


XRay for API Observability


Force Field for API Security


Force Field for Kubernetes


Force Field for Kubernetes provides continuous discovery/test, monitoring, and security for containerized application services.

ArecaBay MicroSensor is deployed as a container and runs alongside application service containers within Kubernetes Pods, either as a sidecar or daemonset on Kubernetes Nodes. This is done without disrupting application service containers, without installing any software on Kubernetes Worker Nodes, and most importantly without making any code changes to applications.

Force Field for AWS S3


Simply deploy ArecaBay’s Amazon Machine Image (AMI), a pre-configured virtual machine image, ready to run on Amazon EC2 instances. AWS provides the ability to log and monitor the traffic flowing between instances, subnets or the entire VPC.

 Force Field for Docker-Compose


Simply run docker-compose with the ArecaBay service configuration YAML to enable any Docker host to enjoy full API traffic visibility and monitoring. ArecaBay Micro-gateways are deployed as a container sidecar, and do not impact performance or require application changes – and a single sidecar provides services to the entire host.

version: '2'
- "${PWD}/"
- "/sys/fs/cgroup:/sys/fs/cgroup:ro"
- "/tmp/`mktemp -d`:/run"
$ docker-compose -f ./arecabay-sniffer.yml up -d

Force Field for VMware

Simply deploy ArecaBay ovf, a pre-configured virtual machine image, ready to run on VMware environments. ArecaBay utilizes the virtual TAP to monitor API traffic within a virtual environment, and the only requirement is that virtual switches be configured in SPAN/mirror mode – and a single ovf can provide services to the entire virtual environment.

Force Field for Kong

We have created a purpose-built Kong plugin that once deployed enables enterprises to Discover, Monitor, and Secure APIs at object-data level. Developers and DevOps, can also use Kong’s plugin to monitor and log application API calls with selective object level data.