ArecaBay XRay: API Observability


ArecaBay XRay® is an app observability tool for DevOps to collect fine-grained API object level data, correlate API calls across services, and discover at real-time the root cause of issues in a complex, multilayer environment.   

ArecaBay XRay® is built on the same powerful Network Engine that inspects API transactions at the finest API object and activity granularity with zero-impact to the applications. It goes beyond the gateway to provide a complete coverage of your application environment ranging from legacy applications, 3rd party applications, virtualized, containerized, and server-less applications.  

Object and activity level data collected by the API Network Engine allows ArecaBay XRay® to perform correlation using actual parameter input observed at run time. For a simple example, API calls made on behalf of a specific user/tenant can be correlated using API parameters with user/tenant info (e.g. ID/name/contact). Correlated API call data, enhanced with rich end-to-end context such as originator’s device info, enables DevOps to detect and root cause issue in an increasingly dynamic and complex multi-service, hybrid cloud environment.